WERCHTAY 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/ 24V Solar Panel Charge Controller Inte…

WERCHTAY 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/ 24V Solar Panel Charge Controller Inte…

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Product Description


WERCHTAY Solar Controller

30A Solar Charge Controller:

1: LCD display 2: Automatic identification 12V/24V 3:High performance chip

4: Automatic memory data storage 5: Multiple intelligent protection

6: PWM charging 7: Simple and easy to install


System connection

1. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to the controller according to the figure, and the controller will automatically detect the battery voltage.

2. Connect the positive and negative poles of the load to the controller according to the diagram, and be careful not to reverse connection.

3. Connect the solar panel to the controller as shown in the figure.


Panel status indicator and setting

Menu key: Switch to the parameter screen, or hold down the function key to enter or exit parameter setting

Flip up: On the parameter setting screen, tap once to add one step to the parameter

Flip down: On the parameter setting screen, tap once to lower the parameter one step down

Browsing interface: Press the menu key to browse various aspects and parameters

Set parameters: On the screen 2-5, hold down 55 to scroll up to enter manual setting. At this time, the numbers will blink. Press up or down to adjust parameter values







USB charging life, support most USB port devices in the market. Thickening the heat dissipation backplane to improve the heat dissipation performance of MOS tube close to the heat dissipation design.

Standard size PBC board, four screws fixed PBC board, electronic components stable performance, Dual mosfet Reverse current protection, low heat production.

The connecting port with large section and large spacing can be installed with 6mm wire. The spacing of 9.5mm increases the insulation performance and the possibility of installation, effectively reduces the voltage drop of the circuit and reduces the loss.

Safety instructions:

1: How to install it? 1.Battery 2.Solar panels 3.load

2: Please install the charger controller on a flat, well-ventilated place (indoor)

3: The LCD screen has an error of 0.2V to 0.3V, but this is normal.

4: The charge regulator is only suitable for lead-acid batteries: OPEN, AGM, GEL, it is not suited for nickel hydride, lithium, Liions, or other batteries.

5: This controller can only use photovoltaic panels as charging power. Do not use DC or other power as charging power.

Rated Voltage: 12V/24V

Charge Current: 30A

Discharge Current: 10A

Max. PV Voltage: 50V

Max Solar input: <50V

Float Charge: 13.7V (defaul,adjustable)

Discharge Stop: 10.7V (defaul,adjustable)

Discharge Reconnect: 12.6V (defaul,adjustable)

Operating temperature: -35~+60℃

USB output: 5V/2.5A

Package List:

1 x 30A Solar Charge Controller

1X English User Manual

Electric Current
30A 60A 60A

12V / 24V 12V / 24V 12V / 24V

Blue Blue Black

Dual USB Charging

LED Display

30A SOLAR CHARGE CONTRALLER: WERCHTAY Solar Charge controller compatibility with 12V and 24V system, Discharge Current: 30A; dual USB output 5V / 2.5A, Build-in industrial microcontroller for automatical management, memorizing various parameters set by the user and the data won’t be lost when the battery runs out, suitable for lead-acid batteries: OPEN, AGM, GEL.
FUNCTIONAL LCD SCREEN: Easy to install and operate, Intuitive LCD display that can clearly indicate the status and data is able to switch modes and parameter configuration, The level of complete power-off is adjustable, which can perfectly protect the lithium battery from over-discharge, suitable for home, industrial, commercial etc.
3-STAGE PWM CONTROL CHARGING: Fully 3-stage PWM regulation charging using direct charge, lifting charge, floating charge three-stage PWM regulation charging mode. Using the controller to realize efficient and fast intelligent charging, and effectively prolong the service life of the battery.
MULTIPLE INTELLIGENT PROTECTION: Built-in overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, open circuit protection, all automatic recovery, no damage to the controller, a reliable protector for your devices.
OUR SALES SERVICE : WERCHTAY Solar charge controller built-in instructions, please refer to the operating instructions to learn how to install and use. If you are not satisfied with your order, We have professional customer service personnel who can solve your problems online 7/24h.

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