Solar Charger Hand-Crank Portable, 10000 mAh Solar Power Charger, 2020 Edition, …

Solar Charger Hand-Crank Portable, 10000 mAh Solar Power Charger, 2020 Edition, …

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Package Included:
1) Solar charger; 2) 1PC USB cable; 3) Manual 4) 1pc hook

1. Solar panel: 5-5.5V 0.4W
2. Capacity of polymer battery: 10000 mAh can be used circularly for 500 times
3. Micro USB Input: 5V/1A
4. Dual USB Output: 5V/2.1A
5. Material: Enviroment friendly ABS
6. LED light : 0.5W, cold light 11000~13000K,28LM,light for 50 hours
7. Internal battery can be fully charged via adapter within 2-3hours; the led indictor is red under charging status. and turns off when fully charged
8. It takes about 10-12 hours to charge fully under strong sunlight
9. To charge the device by hand generator, it takes 3-5 hours until it’s fully
10. There are two USB output of this model and you can charge two device synchronosly
11. Can be applicable to IPHONE,other mobilephones,IPOD,Mp3/4,digital camera etc;with the full powered battery.
12. When charge by sunlight, please make sure there has at least 10% power inside.
13. Push forward the switch button to the first tranche to make it on working status. Otherwise it totally powered off

How to use:
1. For charging phone by solar: place the product under sunlight and make the solar panel face to the sun. Push the gear button to first gear, and then it began to charge your phone
2. For charging phone by dynamo: push the gear button to the first gear and then rock the crank
3. For LED light: push the gear button to the second gear, the LED light lighting

1. When the first time to use it, pls charge it fully by electric
2. If you charge it buy sunlight, pls make sure there is some power inside at least, otherwise it cann’t charge your device

【3 WAYS OF CHARGING, HIGH CAPACITY 10000 mAh】- Built in polymer battery with external solar charging panel and hand crank fitting. No worry regarding no electricity situations, use our solar battery charger with sunlight or wind the hand crank for charging up the charger. Latest technology combined with high quality material, powerful performance.
【PORTABLE, WATERPROOF, DUSTPROOF AND SHOCKPROOF 】- Rugged design, portable solar phone charger 13.7 x 6.9 x 3.4 cm. It comes with CE, ROHS and FCC certifications; you get a product that is compact, portable and resistant towards water, dirt and jolts. Our solar phone charger is ideal for outdoor activities, camping and travel.
【DUAL USB CHARGER PORTS 】- AYTECH USB solar charger can charge two devices simultaneously. Charge a wide range of devices having USB charging ports. Internal battery of the powerbank charges fully via adapter within 5-6 hours; features intelligent chip, support overcharge/discharge/overload and shortcircuit protection.
【ENHANCED WITH LED TORCHLIGHT 】- It features a very useful LED torchlight that comes into handy usage in dark conditions and emergencies. Powerful LED lighting to escort you when needed.
【COMPATIBLE DEVICES】: iPhone, Samsung, All Android phones, USB charging devices ,USB C devices,MP3,MP4,GoPro,GPS, smartphones,camera,other electronic devices; iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro,iPhone X,iPhone XR,iPhone XS,iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 6/6S,iPhone 6/6S Plus,iPhone 5/5S/SE; Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra, Galaxy S 10, Galaxy S 10 Plus, Galaxy S 9,Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus, Galaxy S 8, Galaxy S 8 Plus, Galaxy S 7,Samsung Galaxy S 6,Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge,Samsung Galaxy S 5

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