QIXIN automatic water level control valve, float valve, used for water tower, so…

QIXIN automatic water level control valve, float valve, used for water tower, so…

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Automatic float valve water level control valve
Working pressure range: 0.2-10KG (0.1-1MPa)
Applicable medium: clean water
Applicable medium temperature: ≤120℃
High temperature medium temperature: 10℃~120℃
Type: Vertical internal installation
Material: nylon rubber
Outlet diameter: 1/2 3/4 1 inch BSP thread
Size: For detailed pictures, please see the picture on the left
Color: as shown in the picture
Working principle: When the surface of the water tower or the pool falls, the float in the valve chamber sinks. Use the orifice rod to open the pilot hole of the control valve. Lift up, press the joystick to close the pilot hole, the valve cavity begins to fill with water, and then close the control valve. The sealing surface of the control valve immediately stops water supply.
Package content:
1 water level control valve × 1 stainless steel filter × 1 raw material belt × 1 outlet connector
Only the above packaging content does not include other products.
The product is a liquid level control valve.
After installation, the float must be vertical. If you need to install from the top, you need an elbow to connect the float valve and the inlet line. First, fix the water inlet pipe on a horizontal surface, and then connect the automatic water level control valve to the water inlet according to the standard.
The main water inlet should be aligned with the normal diameter of the control valve.
When in use, the shut-off valve should be fully opened.
If two valves are installed in the same tank, they should be kept at the same height.
Before installation, please clean the impurities in the pipeline to prevent blockage.
If the water quality is not good, the valve needs to be properly maintained.
If the user finds that the time for adding water becomes longer, he can upload the water inlet and rinse

Material: Nylon PA66 food grade safety and environmental protection, stainless steel filter and screws, no rust, long life.
Easy to use: no need to use electricity, small size, practical, large water output, simple installation, long life, low failure rate, automatic control, automatic water replenishment at low water level, automatic shutdown of full water, saving the cost of water resources.
Product parameters: working water pressure range: 0.02-1.0mpa (0.2-10bar), the corresponding water pressure flow rate is 1-30L/min.
Wide scope of application: Pool leveling machines are widely used in water tanks, fish tanks, water boilers, rice steamers, toilet water tanks, industrial humidifiers, animal husbandry, water towers, swimming pools, solar energy, toilets, hot water boilers, animal drinking water, air Cooling, humidifier, civil construction, cooling tower, hot water boiler, steamer, water tank, water tower, toilet, etc.
Perfect service: perfect product, and accept all Amazon FBA customer service policies. Note: Due to the different water quality, please clean the filter regularly and check whether the filter screen and the valve start normally before the valve.

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