OURORA Waterproof First Aid Kit, Boat First Aid Kit with Roll Top Bag, Emergency…

OURORA Waterproof First Aid Kit, Boat First Aid Kit with Roll Top Bag, Emergency…

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Why Choose This First Aid Kit?

1. Outdoor Necessities: In the complex outdoors, you need to have a first aid kit with powerful functions like this to help you overcome many challenges!

2. Waterproof: The bag of the first aid kit is made by waterproof fabric. Keep internal products away from water. You can take it to more places, such as stream, river, boat, kayak and more.

3. Adjustable & Easy To Carry: The Roll top design allows you to adjust the size of the pouch according to your preferences. And come with 2 D shape hanging buckle, you can put it in a backpack or hung outside the backpack for easy carrying.

1 Compass
10 Pins – 1.3″
2 Cooling patch
2 Gauze pad – 3″x3″
8 Alcohol pad – 1.2″x2.4″
1 Scissors with ruler – 5″
1 Abdominal pad – 4.9″x8.9″
1 Burn dressing – 15.7″x23.6″
2 wipes – 5.9″x4.7″
2 Non-woven pad – 3″x3″
20 Adhesive bandage – 2.8″x0.7″
15 Adhesive bandage – 1.6″x0.4″
5 Spot Adhesive bandage – 0.8″x0.8″
2 Fingertip Adhesive bandage – 2.8″x1.8″
1 Triangular bandage – 37.8″x37.8″x53.5″
1 PBT conforming bandage – 2.4″x1.6″
1 Emergency Blanket – 51.2″x82.7″
1 Nylon Inner bag – 11″x7″
1 First aid bag – 11″x4″x3″
4 pad 1.2″x2.4″
20 Cotton swab – 3.1″
1 Metal Tweezer – 3.5″
1 Non-woven tape roll
1 Whistle
WATERPROOF: All first aid accessories are packed in a waterproof bag. You can take it to many place easily.
EASY TO CARRY: Size 11″ x 3″ x 4″. weighing only 0.82 pounds. The top of the first aid kit also has a D – buckle, you can put it in your backpack and you can also hang it on the outside of your backpack or anywhere else you can hang it.
MULTI-SCENE USE: Ideal for multiple scenarios, such as Boating, Travel, Hiking, Camping, Car, Home and School. Suitable for family use.
USEFUL INNER BAG: The first aid kit come with a 11″x 7″ inner bag, it can help you reasonably plan the storage space, you can quickly find your needs at first time.

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