Gel Ball Blaster Ammo Bucket 2 Pack-Collapsible Gellet Tub (1.5 Gallon Bucket, H…

Gel Ball Blaster Ammo Bucket 2 Pack-Collapsible Gellet Tub (1.5 Gallon Bucket, H…

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splatter ball gun ammo

[How to use] Pour a packet amount of Gellet from the market into the gel bucket, then fill the bucket with water, for about 2-4 hours, the Gellet can easily expand to 7-8mm, slowly pour out the excess water and get a large amount of usable gel balls. The battle is over, then fill with water to cover the gel balls, cover the lid, can be stored for a long time, convenient for the next time immediately into the battle, no need to soak again.
[Designed for Gel Ball Blasters] Gel Balls blaster attachments,super gel container, store soaked or filtered gel balls in the collapsible gel balls blaster ammo bucket, includes lid and carry handle so you can easily take your splatter ball gun ammo with you.
[Collapsible, Easy to Use] Each gel balls blaster bucket is collapsible, sturdy edges and base, flexible silicone, you just press the collapsible bucket to make it open, it can hold over 15,000 splat gun ammo, refill gel ammo anytime.
[Practical and Portable] When not folded, the height is 8 inches and the width is 10.5 inches, the height shrinks to 2 inches when folded for easy storage, there are hanging holes along the rim of the barrel, you can hang the folded barrel on the wall to save space.
[Suitable for Various Scenarios] This is not only for orbeez gun ammo bucket, but also a multi-functional folding bucket, which can be used for water storage, storage, fishing, home cleaning, etc, suitable for daily life.

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