EXOTAC – polySTRIKER Lightweight Ferrocerium Fire Starter with Snap-in Striker f…

EXOTAC – polySTRIKER Lightweight Ferrocerium Fire Starter with Snap-in Striker f…

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The polySTRIKER by Exotac is designed with quality and simplicity in mind. A combination of recycled ABS plastic and a quality waterproof Ferro rod make up this compact minimal design. Featuring an ultra sharp tungsten carbide striker that is able to snap into the plastic handle for easy storage and continued use while hiking, camp, bushcraft, use as survival equipment, etc.

Exotac, was founded by a Purdue Engineering graduate with a passion for all things earth and man-made. We are a family owned small business based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Melding a penchant for sleek, sexy and functional design with a dedication to creating the highest-quality outdoor products, we aim to stay true to our roots by keeping engineering at the core of our business.

We spend countless hours developing new ideas to bring the best products to market. We learn through experience. We learn by getting out there in the great outdoors, getting dirty, trying, failing, persisting, and surviving. We learn from our own experiences, as well as others’, how to make products better and easier to use so that they work when it counts the most.

Our engineers work to constantly push the limits of manufacturing to create the best possible products of the highest caliber. High performance materials and rigorous field testing ensure that our products are built to endure everything from the wear and tear of everyday carry to the harsh conditions of exploration.

“Gear for life” is our motto and we stand behind it supplying you accessories that last. We believe in designing and manufacturing products that will last forever and function when you absolutely need them the most. All of our products carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
QUALITY DESIGN: The all-in-one function of polySTRIKER blends lighter materials using recycled ABS plastic and quality metals. The tungsten carbide striker is the same material presented in the Exotac nanoSTRIKER.
3/16-INCH FERRO ROD: The polySTRIKER Ferro rod is not only small, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use but strong enough to hold up through regular use; the waterproof design provides up to 1,000 fire-starter strikes.
MINIMALIST DESIGN: The polySTRIKER highlights a snap-in tungsten carbide striker that fits right into the handle, folding small enough to fit in any pocket, backpack, canister, or survival kit.
MADE IN THE USA: All of our products are beautifully designed, masterfully forged, and hand-finished in the USA.

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