Deflector Brake Kit: Guides Spent Brass into Pile, Protects Rifle Paint/Coating,…

Deflector Brake Kit: Guides Spent Brass into Pile, Protects Rifle Paint/Coating,…

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The Deflector Brake is a simple but effective multi-functional part that reduces the unpredictable ricochet of hot brass off barriers, walls, friends, etc., virtually eliminating brass burns; it protects expensive paint and coatings from inevitable wear; it minimizes damage to brass casings letting you save all your brass for re-loading; it deflects spent brass forward and away from the shooter making a standard rifle safer for left-handed shooters and during off-shoulder firing; it promotes confidence for the shooter and instructors… and it consistently piles your brass up right next to you… making clean-up a breeze.

​The Deflector Brake is a near weightless, self adhesive, 3D formed part designed to fit sporting rifles with brass deflectors. It is disposable yet semi-permanent. The kit will give you and your rifle over 4000 rounds of protection as each part lasts well over 1000 rounds.

Deflector Brake KitDeflector Brake Kit

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Deflector BrakeDeflector Brake The Deflector Brake will make your time at the range more enjoyable.

The Deflector Brake is Made in the USA of
US and Imported Parts.

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The Deflector Brake saves brass for re-loading, protects rifles paint/coatings, prevents brass-burns and piles brass up right next to you.

The Deflector Brake absorbs the tremendous amount of energy normally contained in the ejected brass casing and reduces the speed and distance the brass travels by 60% on average. For this reason… the rifle, spent casing, shooter, and shooters next to you receive a layer of protection not previously available.

Peel & Stick Near Weightless Semi-Permanent/Disposable Protects Shooter/Brass/Rifle

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