AMX3d Micro Mini Solar Cells Multipack– 1.5V 400mA Compact 80 x 60mm Solar Panel…

AMX3d Micro Mini Solar Cells Multipack– 1.5V 400mA Compact 80 x 60mm Solar Panel…

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Product Description

AMX3d Micro Solar Cell American CompanyAMX3d Micro Solar Cell American Company

These compact solar cell measures just 80mm x60mm x3mm, and is the perfect portable photovoltaic panel for a wide range of small DIY home or school projects. Turning the sun’s rays into power, the solar cells utilize free, clean and easily accessible energy from the sun, making them an ecological option, and they are quick and easy to install, with pre-soldered anode and cathode and 5” wires.

Ideal mini power cells for science projects and other electronic applications, the compact size of the solar panel makes them suitable for a wide range of projects including creating solar walkways, lamp repairs, solar LED displays, or to work a motor in self powered models and portable toys. The solar cells can also be used to build a portable charger for small DC batteries – ideal for use when you’re camping, hunting or away from home!

Solar Cell DIYSolar Cell DIY

Micro Mini Solar Cell – Compact, Lightweight Clean Energy

Power your next project using clean, free solar energy with this small and efficient solar cell. This compact solar cell measures just 80mm x 60mm x 3mm, making it the ideal power source for your next electronics project,

Solr Cell Wiring CircuitSolr Cell Wiring Circuit

Versatile – Combine Cells for the Power You Need

Need more power? Just add more solar panels!

Wired together in Parallel (wired + to + and – to -, see left diagram) increases current without changing voltage. Wire this way if you have a 1.5 V battery pack and want to increase charging current.

Wired together in Series, (+ to – and – to +, see right diagram) the voltage increases while capacity remains the same. Use this method to charge 5 Volt (4 Cells), 9 Volt (6 cells) or 12 Volt (8 cells) batteries.

How Solar Cells WorkHow Solar Cells Work

Clean, Portable Power

Turning sunshine into power is the most ecological choice, and it’s practical too! Clean, free and easily accessible, these compact solar cells transform the power from the sun into usable energy using a small and efficient surface area, and the solar panels are also thin and extremely lightweight, making them ideal for use in portable projects.

Solar Cell ProjectsSolar Cell Projects

So versatile, these mini solar panels are ideal for use in science projects and electronic applications. Perfect for using as a convenient charger for small DC batteries (great for taking with you when camping or fishing!), the compact solar cells are also ideal for DIY and home projects including creating solar lawn and landscape lights, or powering small motors to create solar toys.

AMX3d PledgeAMX3d Pledge

AMX3d Tools & Accessories

Great projects start with the best tools and components. Providing everything you need for truly spectacular results (just like the ones in your imagination!), AMX3d only sell the highest quality electronics accessories and toolkits, for reliable and efficient results every time. Add this Micro Mini Solar Cell to your next project – you won’t be disappointed!

PERFECT STEM TOOL: Great for schools, science camps, after-school programs, robotics clubs, etc.
EFFICIENT: These micro-mini solar cells produce 1.5V 400mA 0.65W in full sun.
PRE-SOLDERED WIRE LEADS: Each solar cell has 4.5 inch long red/black wire leads already pre-soldered for easy connection!
GREEN ECO-FRIENDLY POWER: You can use these solar cells in your hobby or science projects wherever you need 1.5V (DC motors, buzzers, light-bulbs, and more!)

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