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We provide ways and means to be fully prepared.

You can give someone an opportunity but not force them to take it.


is a survival, prepper, survivalist, hunter, camping, or doomsday niche site. You can catch some political humor, smile, some political news, and grab some supplies for that unexpected next emergency.

Our survival product categories are for consumers who want to be completely prepared. Our survival products tend to resonate with people who want to protect their loved ones from everything from natural disasters, wars, stock market crashes, doomsday, or resource shortages.

Preparedness = Survival

It is a well-established fact is that when faced with an actual emergency, most are not ready for that emergency. Most depend on the government to bail them out and protect them. Sadly, most people still trust the government to tell them the 100% gospel truth. But with all the fake news what is the truth? In recent years, 9/11 took us by surprise, the 2018 market crash, the housing market crash, and Covid-19 all took us by surprise, and in 2022 inflation has taken most by surprise.

You want the truth!

In all these cases our government already knew the truth and either denied the problem existed, used fake news to misdirect us, and did nothing to protect us in advance, during, or after.  Sure after covid-19 and the fault of the government to shut down companies and services the government passed out money to make themselves look good.  Sure, it helped many at the time, but now we pay and pay with inflation. So nothing is gained. Still, many people are out of work, but the government keeps passing out the news that all is great in the USA.

Truth is

– Our country is failing us and falling apart. Sadly due in part to the democrats and the let’s not forget the idiot RINOs (and let’s not forget ole Mike Pence “the traitor”).

We never know when the government will claim that a new virus is running rampant. It is pretty clear the Globalist agenda for a “New World Order” would include killing off some of the population using various means like food shortages, water shortages, Bill Gates, and his vaccines. Therefore, let’s get prepared when for when SHTF.

Our Demographics

In terms of demographics, our survival audience tends to lean more conservative, so our survival offers pair well with our related political products.
Mission – Vision – GOALS

It’s simple, we lead people and help make people aware of the news and events to enable people to prepare to survive by providing them with the resources needed to survive.

Here are the FACTS

. We are on the brink of an economic collapse (especially while the Democrats are in power). The timing for your visit today to look for survival products, services, news, and political humor really could not be better, thanks to COVID-19, inflation, and all the global geopolitical conflicts.


As the saying goes – You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.