3L Hydration Bladder 3 Liter 100oz Water Bladder Hydration Reservoir Leakproof W…

3L Hydration Bladder 3 Liter 100oz Water Bladder Hydration Reservoir Leakproof W…

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Hydration bladder is very useful for outdoor activities as it allows you to drink water directly from the tube. With a hydration bladder, you have your hands free while you are drinking, and there’s no need to stop. LANNEY 3L water reservoir is one of the best choices.
Our hydration water bladder has quick release tube which can be easily disconnected from hydration reservoir for filling and storage. The connector with locking mechanism prevents water reservoir from leaking when the tube is detached. Added Insulated sleeve helps avoid freezing in cold weather and helps keep water cool in warm weather.
The 3liter hydration bladder has 135°angled bite valve allowing for less kinking and consistent flow. The bite valve automatically seals and features shutoff valve that completely prevents leakages when not in use. The perfect sized mouthpiece allows for effortless sipping high flow of water. ON/OFF switch is easy to push and pull with your teeth.
The 3-liter hydration bladder with wide mouth and grab handle enables easy refilling water, easy adding ice cubes, and easy accessibility to the water bladder’s inner surfaces for cleaning and drying. The screw cap closures are water-tight and leak-proof.
All parts of the hydration bladder are made of food grade material, BPA free, SGS certificate. The water reservoir interior keeps the water safe to drink. Cross sealing line ensures leak proof outstanding sturdiness.

LANNEY 3l hydration reservoir is compatible with most backpacks and hydration packs. You have the liberty of either filling your water bladder partly or to the brim. The hydration bladder is lightweight and ideal for hiking, camping, running, cycling, biking, climbing, skiing and other outdoor sports.
【PREMIUM TASTEFREE MATERIAL, INSULATED TUBE SLEEVE】 The military grade hydration water bladder is thick, BPA free, SGS certified. Food grade TPU material plus TPU drinking tube make the whole water bladder taste free. The 3L water reservoir keeps water inside clean. A bonus insulator sleeve is coated around the tube, effectively reducing the temperature change of the water flow running thru the tube from hydration reservoir.
【QUICK RELEASE CONNECTOR, LEAK-PROOF SYSTEM】The 3L hydration bladder has detachable hose which can be connected or disconnected by one hand. When tube is disconnected, the shutoff valve closes automatically and the water bladder doesn’t leak at all. Thus, you can quickly refill the 3L hydration bladder with no leaking issue. Military grade sealing lines are added on the edge of water bladder to make sure the 3.0l bladder is pressure tolerant and leak proof.
【ERGONIMIC BITE VALVE, HIGH FLOW RATE】The 3-liter hydration bladder is equipped with a patent 135°angle bite valve. You’ll need less angle to bend tube to put mouthpiece into your mouth. You can drink higher water flow per sip and won’t be slowed down. The bite valve has ON/OFF switch. The water will not leak out. Simply pull bite valve up for drinking and push it for closing. A dust cover helps to keep the mouth piece of the water reservoir clean outdoors.
【WIDE OPENING, EASY FILLING AND CLEANING】 The 3liter hydration bladder has large opening which makes filling/refilling water so easily. You even don’t have to take out the water reservoir from your backpack. Besides, you can add ice cubes into the 3l water bladder. Cleaning is like a breeze. Thanks to the big opening, you’re able to reach every corner inside of the bladder bag and give your bladder thoroughly cleaning. So the insulated hydration bladder is always well maintained.
【MULTI PURPOSES, SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】 The 3 liter hydration bladder is designed for most sizes hydration backpacks. You can apply backpack hydration bladder for outdoor activities: hiking, running, bicycling, skiing, riding, camping, cycling, climbing, etc. It is a must have for sports enthusiast and an ideal gift choice. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problem with our hydration bladder, just contact us and we will send you replacement or full refund for no reason.

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